The Yards Welcomes a New Editor

The Central Edmonton New Society, the non-profit society which publishes The Yards Magazine, is pleased to announce Tim Querengesser as our new Editor. Tim brings a wealth of experience to our community newsmagazine, both professional as an editor and writer and as a resident of Edmonton’s core. Tim takes over for founding Editor Omar Mouallem, and Guest Editor Tracy Hyatt.


Tim has been magazining since the age of four, when he discovered his dad’s trove of 1960s-era Popular Mechanics in his attic and decided he would work in magazines. Tim has won a National Magazine Award, for ‘Best Magazine’ in 2010, for his work as part of an editorial team, and has been nominated for several international, national and regional awards for his magazine writing. Tim holds a bachelor degree in journalism and political science, and a masters degree in Canadian studies and indigenous studies. Tim walks and bikes before relying on fossil fuels and created The Edmonton Wayfinding Project.

About The Yards

The Yards Magazine makes sense of downtown Edmonton’s transformation and growth. We share insightful urban planning and cultural stories that lead to new ways of thinking, living and actively participating in Downtown and Oliver communities. With an all-star roster of writers and thinkers, The Yards introduces more than 30,000 readers to the issues, faces and businesses that matter to them. The Yards Magazine is produced in partnership with the Downtown Edmonton and Oliver Community Leagues.

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