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It’s Time to Talk Cannibis

Legalization is around the corner but regulation is a work in progress

We’ve heard for some time about government legalizing cannabis. But do we know how this new legislation from our governments will affect our communities in Edmonton?

There are many issues to consider: will consumers choose to smoke, vape or eat cannabis? Where will you be allowed to sell it, and where will you be allowed to consume it? What are the costs to citizens and are there any public safety considerations?

Whether or not the sale and consumption of cannabis is legalized on July 1, as once expected, by the federal government, local governments have nonetheless been preparing for it for a significant amount of time. Edmonton City Council has debated many questions and potential problems around the issue, and has asked residents for their opinion on many aspects of how the drug
will be regulated here.

One aspect the DECL board has been dealing with is in regards to sales. The city is anticipating hundreds of applications for cannabis retail stores the day pot goes legal. Already we are seeing signs around the core advertising new pot shops that are ‘Coming Soon’.

Once legal, companies will be permitted to open a cannabis retail store in many areas of the downtown, but not just anywhere. Proposed zoning regulations suggest a 200 metre separation between stores, as well as separation from public health facilities, schools, libraries and parks. While Calgary is making cannabis sales discretionary in most zones, here retail sales will be permitted in many zones, assuming you meet all other criteria set out by the regulations.

The DECL board is supportive of cannabis sales in many of our downtown zones, including our mixed-use residential zones like the Heritage Area (HA) Zone of 104 Street, and the Urban Warehouse (UW) Zone. The board feels those living and working in pedestrian-friendly areas should have cannabis stores within walking distance. It also feels these stores could fill some vacant retail

But, that said, there will be limited locations in the downtown that will satisfy all of the City of Edmonton’s criteria. And cannabis sales are unrelated to potential future cannabis lounges
or cafes, which will not be permitted on the same premises. These will not be dealt with by the city in the first year of legalization, nor have been consulted on yet.

While Canada leads the world in the decriminalization of drugs like cannabis, how it’s sold, consumed and its effects on our community are a work in progress. If you have any thoughts and concerns, we would love to hear from you at info@decl.org.

Chris Buyze
President, Downtown Edmonton Community League

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