— Oliver Community League Update —

Thinking Ahead

On behalf of the Oliver Community League we’d like to congratulate everyone who worked on The Yards’s first issue.

We’re excited about telling our neighbourhood’s stories and discussing it with the broader community. And we’re also thrilled about working with the Downtown Edmonton Community League. This collaboration will only strengthen the bonds between Central Edmonton neighbourhoods.

The Oliver Community League is a group of forward-thinking, hard-working people who are passionate about community-building. We serve Oliver residents in a variety of ways, whether that be renting or lending our hall to the public, hosting community get-togethers, operating a community garden or sponsoring Oliver events and initiatives.

One such example is the Abundant Communities Initiative. Danny Hoyt, our coordinator, has been working with an ever-expanding crew of Block Connectors who, like him, just want to meet neighbours. And they do—by knocking on doors and asking simple questions like, “What do you like about living in Oliver?” It’s our hope that this simple act will allow more household connection and keep the momentum of neighbourliness going.

People are naturally happier when their neighbours wave or at least make eye contact and smile in passing. And everyone is familiar with the warm feeling of helping someone on a cold day. But in our urban surroundings and under the pressure of our financial commitments and longer work days we’ve stopped making time for simple interactions.

Research is piling up on the negative effects of that isolation. So when a Connector arrives at your door try to make time for them and for yourself. Better yet become a Connector by contacting Danny or visit the Facebook page Abundant Community Kitchener Park to learn more about it.

That’s the fun stuff. But the league also provides oversight on proposed developments, works with the City of Edmonton in neighbourhood planning exercises and crime prevention, and advocates on behalf of residents.

Running a league is a lot of work so we’re always looking for great people to get involved. We have a range of opportunities for helping out, from volunteering at an event for a couple hours to a full on dive into community-building and other nitty gritty. Just get in touch.

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