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Stimulating Conversations at Yeg Coffee Week

For centuries cafés and caffeine have inspired transformative ideas, but it’s time to turn our attention to them for seven days. Organizer Sarah Jackson spills the beans on what’s to come at YEG Coffee Week. (March 7 to 15, Various locations)


Why do you think Edmontonians need a coffee festival?

Coffee is a mainstay in many lives, but it also has a unique place in our society. And Edmonton has a passionate coffee culture, but it’s a young coffee culture, a growing coffee culture, and a coffee culture that should be shared and celebrated.

What do cafés contribute to communities?

They’re hubs of connection, bringing people together and acting as a meeting point. Historically they were a hub for politics, religion, art and science. There’s a revival now because being disconnected from others these days is so easy. So cafés are an opportunity for personal bonds—if only for a moment.

What can we expect at coffee week?

It launches with a documentary, A Film About Coffee, followed by a panel discussion on coffee and community. All week-long, cafés like Transcend Mercer will host different events, tastings and latte art workshops, community-building events like live music and knit nights.