How to Own a Pet in the Core

Living with a pooch, kittie or other type of pet in the core presents unique challenges, from space to poop, to fines, to living restrictions. But it’s not impossible. We caught up with some experts to learn how best to do it in our neighbourhoods. The reason is simple: life with pets is in demand. Take Los Angeles. There, developers wanted to attract tenants to downtown spaces, and began a campaign targeting dog owners by allowing dogs of any size and not requiring a pet deposit. Now, 40 per cent of people living in downtown L.A. own dogs. Could Edmonton follow suit? Given that roughly one-third of Canadian households own a dog, let’s hope so.

1. How to follow rules

First, license your pet(s) with the City of Edmonton. The fee for getting caught without a pet license is $250. Next, be a good person. Allowing Fido to poop on your neighbour’s lawn isn’t just rude, it’s illegal. Fail to scoop that poop and you’ll face $100 fine. And why not make doody duty more bearable with scented bags from Fox & Tux Pet Boutique (12523 102 Avenue)?

2. How to live

Some rental buildings don’t allow pets, while others limit the size or number of dogs, or charge extra pet fees, even for cats. Liberty Quarters (9342 103 Avenue) is ahead of the pet-friendly curve. It doesn’t charge extra fees for animals.

3. How to play

Your cat should probably stay leashed (cats kill far too many songbirds to be let outside without a leash) but your doggie should and can roam freely at more than 40 spaces in Edmonton, including some prime downtown spots like as Alex Decoteau Park, which has an area that allows dogs to go off leash.

4. How to chill

Sometimes Fido or Toonces can get stir crazy at home alone. Consider trying pet daycare part-time or full-time so your darling can socialize. Dogtopia (10529 116 Street) is an off-leash facility that offers many options and is nearby; The Pampered Puppy (10303 124 Street) is another option. And if Mr. Whiskers needs a trim or some company, Carla’s Pet Sitting and Grooming will come right to your cat or dog, any day, any time.

5. How to heal

Capital City Animal Hospital (11104 102 Avenue) offers primary and preventative care for pets, as well as dental and surgical services. It’s open Monday to Saturday, with late hours on Thursdays.