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Four Creative Exhibits to Explore in the Core

Sean Caulfield
The local printmaker and mixed media artist uses traditional woodcut and linocut techniques to ponder how machines have changed our environment and bodies. By blurring the biological and technological into his work, Caulfield challenges the viewer to consider what happens when they merge. (DC3 Art Projects, 10567 111 St., dc3artprojects.com)

Sarah Norquay albertacraft.ab.ca

Sarah Norquay albertacraft.ab.ca


This exhibit shows viewers how digital technology is transforming Alberta’s fine craft artists, featuring 14 artists using digital technology in various forms—research, prototyping, production, etc.—to enhance their craft. (Alberta Craft Council, 10186 106 St., albertacraft.ab.ca)


AUG. 25–OCT. 8
Juan Ortiz-Apuy’s the Garden of Earthy Delights
The Montreal artist’s installations use juxtaposition, assemblage and collage to connect and combine specific moments in time. He describes his work as an encyclopaedia that draws on literature, theory, pop culture, design, history and more. (SNAP Gallery, 10123 121 St., snapartists.com)

JUN. 3–AUG. 28
Echo to Artifact
Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla’s film, sculpture, sound pieces and performances use artifacts and antiques, plus pieces based on Western Canada’s prehistoric history, to create beautiful reminders of the past in harmony with the present. (AGA, 2 Churchill Sq., youraga.ca/exhibitions)

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