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By the Numbers: Red Bull Crashed Ice

Marco Dallago (AUT), Miikka Jouhkinmainen (FIN), Denis Novozhilov (RUS), Tyler Roth (USA) - Action

On March 13 and 14, embrace winter with an ice track, adrenaline buzz and a whole lot of speed at the Ice Cross Downhill World Championships. It’s Edmonton’s first time hosting the extreme sport blending hockey, boardercross and downhill skiing on a track long enough to snake from City Centre to the river valley.

Here’s a look at the numbers behind this free spectator sport. (March 14, City Centre, redbullcrashedice.com)

• 3 WEEKS to build the course

• 38,500 KILOGRAMS of crushed ice used

• 1,000 METRES of spectator boards

• 460 METRES length of track

• 2,500 SQ. METRES of ice

• 60 KM PER HOUR competitor track speed