About us

The Yards is a quarterly magazine that makes sense of downtown Edmonton’s transformation and growth. It shares insightful urban planning, development, lifestyle and cultural stories that will change the way you see and participate in the core. With an all-star roster of writers and thinkers, professional journalists and designers, The Yards introduces more than 30,000 readers to the issues, faces and businesses that matter to them.


Our Team

The Yards is published four times a year by the Oliver and Downtown Edmonton Community Leagues. Supported by a non-profit group, the Central Edmonton News Society, our editorial committee is a brain trust of entrepreneurs, community organizers and artists who live or work in central Edmonton.

Publisher: Simon Yackulic

Editor: Tim Querengesser

Art Director: Jeremy Pudlowski


The Name

“The Yards” is a loving tribute. Both to the CN rail yards that ran through the area just a generation ago, and to the role downtown has always played, as a gathering place for the whole city. These are all our yards to enjoy and appreciate, but also to maintain and protect.