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Here’s How We Can Make Downtown More Liveable

Strides have been made to turn Edmonton into a terrific, people-friendly city year-round, like Nuit Blanche, the Winter City strategy and guidelines, and in just a few years a segregated bike network will transform Downtown transportation. There’s so much happening right now to make our neighbourhood more livable than ever. Here are just a few:

1. Spring is always primetime for shaking off the winter grit, so if you want to help DECL “clean slate” be a part of our Annual Spring Cleanup on May 1. However, shouldn’t year-round cleanliness be a priority? That’s why we’re insisting the City provide street cleaning around Downtown and on main arteries during winters, too. Businesses, building-owners and residents can do their part by keeping the exteriors of their spaces as attractive as their interiors.

2. Green spaces are great for gathering. They’re also a bit of an oasis for us urban folk—our “living room,” if you will. This summer will see the long-anticipated construction of Alex Decotea Park begin in the Warehouse Campus Area. It’ll be a much-needed respite and socializing space for this historic part of our Downtown.

3. The current jay walking restrictions penalize pedestrians for walking. This needs to change if we want to encourage residents to adopt active lifestyles. Allowing walkers to cross when it’s safe to do so is already allowed on Rice Howard Way, but we’re advocating for it to be expanded to other spaces like 104 St., or Downtown as a whole.

4. This month’s feature story embraces the notion that “small is big” when it comes to encouraging independent and diverse retail on our streets. BuzzFeed Canada and The Walrus contributor Nikki Wiart examines the cross-section of good urban design and healthy local economies.

5. Encouraging families to live Downtown means having residences that permit all ages. If you’ve had issues finding a home because you’re too young or have children, we want to hear from you! Be part of our initiative to encourage Alberta to change the rules allowing adult-only buildings.

6. DECL is doing its part to create a sense of community for young families. In addition to our regular Urban Kids Board Game Night, Our Urban Kids Playgroup for parents and tots ages 0–5 launches on March 7 at our community space. Drop by to meet other families living Downtown (click here for more information).

7. Meet your neighbours and create community by joining your Downtown Edmonton Community League. Our Annual General Meeting will be held on May 10. It’s the perfect time to learn more about what we do, how you can get involved and how you can help decide the future of our neighbourhood (click here for more information).

DECL board of directors: Chris Buyze (President); Ian O’Donnell (VP); Milap Petigara (Treasurer); Jillian Gamez (Secretary); Erin Duebel; Laurissa Kalinowsky; Christie Lutsiak; Jarrett Mykytiuk; Lindsey Trufyn; and Chris Wudarck.

Email DECL or visit its website for more information.

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