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6 Things to Hear and See in the Core this Season

Source: Bandcamp.com

Source: Bandcamp.com

Scenic Route to Alaska
SEPT. 10: The homegrown, multi-talented and hard-working trio has a distinct and heartfelt indie-folk-rock sound that’s earned them numerous distinctions, including Sonic Band of the Month and Cruz FM’s Emerging Artist Award at the 2014 Edmonton Folk Music Festival. (Denizen Hall, 10311 103 Ave.)

YEGfest: Colours & Sounds
SEPT. 11–12: Creative Clubhouse hosts this unique festival featuring local talents like the Archaics and the Velveteins, plus other performance artists and visual art installations. Spray the graffiti free-wall or watch professionals create impressive murals from beginning to end. Don’t miss the afterparty at the Bower, hosted by Night Vision. (Heritage Amphitheatre, William Hawrelak Park)

SEPT. 25–26: As part of Nuit Blanche and Alberta Culture Days, the Drawing Room transforms its storefront gallery into an old-timey cinema, as groups are admitted in quick intervals to watch the reel of short films for free. They’re recreating the Nickelodeon theatres of the 1900s, when the working class head to moving picture houses to escape from their everyday lives for a nickel. (The Drawing Room, 10253 97 St.)

Edmonton International Film Festival
OCT. 1–10: For nine days and nights, movie fanatics and film-
makers come together to eat, sleep, and breathe all things cinema. EIFF understands well the importance of discovery, so expect a wide array of feature-length films, documentaries, and shorts—150 in all—gathered from across the globe for your viewing pleasure. (Landmark Cinemas, City Centre, 10200-102 Ave.)

Autism Artistry: Create, Communicate, Connect.
Oct: 29: Autistic artists and brothers Grant and Ben Kurtz know well that words aren’t the only means of communication. Though they can’t speak, they express themselves vividly and evocatively through art, as shown in this exhibition about human connection and interaction. Grant’s paintings and Ben’s photography gives us a glimpse into their world and a mutual understanding achievable only through art. (Art Gallery of Alberta, 2 Churchill Sq.)

Elemental Sky Opening Reception
NOV. 19: All are welcome to the free opening reception of this exhibition illuminating the movement of natural landscapes through the work of Samantha Williams-Chapelsky. Running until Dec. 12, Elemental Sky showcases TerraSkin, a stone-based paper, as the foundation for acrylic washes intertwined with alcohol sprays and gestural brushwork to symbolize the shift of clouds and weather patterns. (The Daffodil Gallery, 10412 124 St.)