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What is a Community League and Why Should You Care?


Community League Day is again upon us. This day, every third Saturday of September, is set aside to celebrate neighbourhood associations. Sometimes we get asked what exactly is a community league and why should we care?

An explanation of these inclusive organizations is printed on this page every issue (see sidebar), but it’s important to remember that although leagues are similar in that they are volunteer-run and volunteer-driven, they each have their individual nuances. Some leagues, like Oliver’s, represent tens of thousands of people (19,000 to be specific); others only represent a couple of thousand. While property development may be a priority for some leagues, kids soccer and day care are priorities for others. Leagues are reflections of the communities themselves.

In Edmonton, community leagues are connected by an organization called the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues and supported by the City of Edmonton. While the notion of community may seem old-fashioned, it’s a highly valued concept in Edmonton.

As for why should you care? The OCL helps shape our community. The league believes in the power of neighbours knowing neighbours; the requirement of building developers respecting our community’s needs; the importance of recreation, walkability, ease and safety of movement in Oliver; and the significance of inclusion of its residents. This is why you should care. More importantly, this is why you should become involved.

Attend an event, join a committee, or read the magazine—it all adds up and creates this great place we call home, this great place called Oliver. Some fun events to participate in are coming up, including Community League Day. This year we are very excited to have Planet Organic – Jasper Ave. proudly sponsoring Oliver’s Community League Day celebrations. Join us on September 17 to learn more about our league and to meet your neighbours and have some fun. And later in September, be sure to check out the Main Street installation and programming on Jasper Ave., meant to spark conversation on what Oliver’s main street was meant to be.

OCL board of directors: Lisa Brown (President), Craig Lidstone (Vice- president), Simon Yackulic (Secretary), Mary McPhail (Treasurer), Anika Gee, Marjorie Henderson, Justin Keats, Rowan Kunitz, Luwam Kiemariam, Tim Mallandaine, Angelika Matson, Marija Petrovic, Erin Wright and Hossein Zahiri.

Email OCL, visit its website, or call 780-454-2450 for more information.

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