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Winter 2018

Dreaming of Oliver’s Future

Equity tower

OCL: Summer Events 2019

DECL: Summer Events 2019

Go Fourth and Prosper

Creating Canadian Cuisine


Rail Roots
Train Lines Have Always Shaped the Core

What I Wish I Knew
A new group offers women professionals advice and support to break through the barriers

Snapshots from Fall Community Events

Snapshots from Spring Community Events


The summer is here, the summer is short, why aren’t you doing what’s on this list right now?

Seeing into the future

A blind disability advocate explains how he sees Oliver — and how his neighbourhood sees him

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Libraries build better communities

Libraries matter for people with disabilities, for new immigrants, for students, for parents, and for everyone in between.

5 Cheap Tips for Keeping Cool This Summer

One of the harder parts of living in multi-unit housing, as many of us do in the core, is that it can get hot in the summer. Very hot. And if your building is like many of them, it doesn’t have air conditioning, either. Thankfully, there are cheap ways to cool your crib. Some of them are logical. Some of them are hilarious. All of them are cool.

A Valley Between Them

The gondola has driven a wedge between downtown advocates who usually find themselves on the same team

Inside This Oliver Resident’s Micro-home Miracle

Engineer Laura Creswell masterminded this tiny condo into a perfectly comfortable home

The Neighbours in the Hood

The easiest thing to do, as Fred Rogers of Mr. Rogers fame said, is to respond to someone else’s need by saying, ‘It’s not my child, not my community, not my problem.’ “Then there are those who see the need and respond,” Rogers said. “I consider those people my heroes.”

Cooked to the Core

We sing the praises of two of the many women who make the downtown scene so rich

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