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Summer 2016

Making Our City More Vibrant for the Next Generation

Seven Summer Events from Your Downtown Community League

Reaping the Benefits of Neighbourliness

Ten Summer Events From the Oliver Community League


The Future LRT is Nostalgic
An update on the downtown Valley Line LRT construction

The 102 Ave. Bike Lane’s Long Journey
A completed bike network in 2022? That’s longer than some are willing to wait.

The Fight Against Surface Parking Lots Isn’t Over
New lots in the face of economic downturn threaten to undo urban progress

Grey Gardens: Trouble Grows on the Living Bridge
It is one the city’s finest examples of urban intervention, but it is not without its controversies

How Community Groups Can Help Refugees Settle
Churches and community leagues are collaborating to help settle thousands of new Canadians

The Social Benefits of Dog Parks
Designated dog parks strengthen communities. So why doesn’t the core have one?

City of Edmonton’s chief planner Peter Ohm and planning director Kalen Anderson at The Yards Spring Salon (March 10/16)
Snapshots from Spring Community Events

BoardGame Night
Board Game Cafes Crop Up in Oliver

A pesky Meowth in Grant Notley Park, one of Edmonton's most popular Pokémon Go hotspots.

Rediscovering One of Edmonton’s Oldest Neighbourhoods Through Pokémon Go

A gamer finds neighbourliness and heritage, alongside Drowzees, Zubats and the elusive Aerodactyl. Plus: Oliver’s top four Pokémon hunting grounds.


Inside the Core’s Live Music Revival

After decades of struggle, a resurgence of central music venues signals the beginning of a new era. We take the pulse of the scene in a roundup of stories about local clubs’ past, present and future.

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Front Yards

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Puppy Central: Six Reasons Your Dog Loves the Core

Doggy bakeries, top-notch groomers, stress-free daycares and more


Infographic: Central Edmonton’s Trees

Quantifying the wealth of trees in our core neighbourhoods


Inside This Oliver Resident’s Micro-home Miracle

Engineer Laura Creswell masterminded this tiny condo into a perfectly comfortable home


The Kindness of Strangers

We asked our neighbours: Have you ever committed or witnessed a random act of kindness in the core?

BrettHall - photo credit AJ Wall

Volunteer of the Season: Brett Hall

Meals on Wheels volunteer helps usher in a new program bringing the store to your door

get cooking

Hidden Gem of the Season: Get Cooking

Kathryn Joel brings a world of culinary excellence to Oliver

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