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Summer 2018

DECL Summer Events

It’s Time to Talk Cannibis

OCL Summer Events

Re-creating Recreation


Holding Station
Planned stop at 124 Street sends some off the rails

Space Race
Retail and office space downtown is exploding — but will tenants soon fill it?

Losing Green
Proposed tower puts Frank Oliver Park future in question

Downtown Parking Myths Versus Reality
Why DECL believes the issue is being blown out of proportion

Family Trees
Or why we should care about the gojis just as much as the chestnuts

What I Wish I Knew
A new group offers women professionals advice and support to break through the barriers

Snapshots from Fall Community Events

Snapshots from Spring Community Events

How to Summer

It’s here, Edmonton: summer. And this year, you’re going to make the most of it. No more missing an event because you didn’t hear about it. No more sitting at home when you could be out there, soaking it in and adding yourself to the community spirit. But how do you maximize it all? Well, we’ve […]

Words on the Street

Why downtown’s new role as entertainment hub requires honest discussion about harassment

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Front Yards

5 Cheap Tips for Keeping Cool This Summer

One of the harder parts of living in multi-unit housing, as many of us do in the core, is that it can get hot in the summer. Very hot. And if your building is like many of them, it doesn’t have air conditioning, either. Thankfully, there are cheap ways to cool your crib. Some of them are logical. Some of them are hilarious. All of them are cool.

The North Saskatchewan, Now and Tomorrow

For those who say they don’t know how to access our “green jewel,” we’ve put together the basic puzzle pieces that are easily accessible from the core, mapped out to represent the changing physical reality of Edmonton’s most treasured natural asset.

Inside This Oliver Resident’s Micro-home Miracle

Engineer Laura Creswell masterminded this tiny condo into a perfectly comfortable home

Cooked to the Core

We sing the praises of two of the many women who make the downtown scene so rich

Forty years in Oliver

A couple says goodbye to the ‘hood that became their home.

Making space into place

We talk to an urbanist about why festivals matter so much to downtown Edmonton.

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